Our missions

How to give our top managers a sense of involvement and ensure that they become “champions of change”?

Vivacci’s solution: Re-establish open, transparent dialogue between the executive team and a wider circle of top managers. Outline the logic by focusing on the questions and concerns expressed by the more operational managers, providing them with the m

Taking up a new post – The first 100 days – Settling in and achieving performance goals as quickly as possible.

Principle Taking up a new post provides a fantastic opportunity for learning; as consultants we see such phases of transition as opportunities for rapid development. By providing coaching and support to managers taking up a new post, they will achieve

How can we rethink our business model while also remaining true to our historic values?

Vivacci’s solution: Thinking about the company’s strategic stakes and their consequences on efficient management styles. Rethinking the management training policy: help managers to face up to imminent change while at the same time reinforcing the compa

How can we mobilize our HR people in our different entities in order to develop performance?

Vivacci’s solution: A community cannot be established by decree – you have to demonstrate the benefits for EVERYONE of forming a collective. Intranet-type tools are a start, but not sufficient. Organization of HR conventions to demonstrate the possibil

How can we seamlessly integrate into our organization managers who are from outside our field of business?

Vivacci’s solution: Provide the manager with support at each stage of the integration process : discovering the new organization, establishing legitimacy and credibility, adapting his/her management style. Alternating coaching styles, adapting the inpu

How to develop our senior executives in line with our business stakes?

Vivacci’s solution: Thought given to the critical competencies required by a senior executive with regard to the strategy; a step beyond conventional management skills training Collecting these competencies together in an innovative way, in the form of

How can I unblock a situation in which I get the impression that I am not succeeding in getting my message across?

Vivacci’s solution In the same way as a sports coach, observation of the coachee’s performance in order to question, remobilize, provide feedback and focus concentration. Analysis by the coach of the gap between the manager’s self-image and that of tho

How can we quickly generate a spirit of innovation, around a new business model, to our worldwide subsidiaries?

Vivacci’s solution: Inviting the key people in each subsidiary to engage in a direct exchange with the company’s senior executives. Setting up and driving the creation of an inter-subsidiary learning community. Enabling people to acquire and develop th