Client testimonials

BNP Paribas Personal Finance

“Since 2009 Vivacci has been providing BNP Paribas Personal Finance with key support and assistance in developing our population of Managers of Managers, with two training programmes (one ongoing, the second under development) focused on the specifics of taking on such a role and the consolidation of management practices.


The result of this collaboration with Vivacci is ‘Concerto’, a comprehensive co-built management programme organized around a number of key stages spread over a period of 6 months, i.e. coaching, pre-learning activities, seminars, 360° feedback, exchange sessions with the participant’s HR representative and direct superior.

The objective is to provide participants with all of the methods and tools that they will require and to make them aware of the shift in focus that they will have to adopt as they move from being a manager to become a manager of managers.

We enjoy very much working with Vivacci, having developed a partnership that is stimulating, demanding and always constructive… an attitude that the team of consultants / coaches has succeeded in conveying to the programme participants.”

Daphné Goldstein, Training Manager, BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Breakfast get-togethers

“The subjects are extremely topical and really in tune with the sort of issues that HR & Communication managers are currently confronted with. The presenters do a first-class job, the premises are fantastic and the welcome as warm as you could possibly imagine. What’s more, every time you go away from these get-togethers with new contacts, new ideas and new inspiration… In a nutshell, they are perfect.”
Elke B., Communication manager for an IT group based in Paris.


“Management satisfaction rate above 95%”

“An absolutely essential, irreplaceable means of learning more about yourself and your relationship with other people”

“The post-360° interview was extremely worthwhile, a real coaching session, with specific and relevant feedback from the coach, not just a mere delivery of results. What I found really valuable was the fact of identifying or confirming what I do well, but also, and perhaps more importantly, bringing to light some areas that I need to work on in order to improve my overall performance”

“Analysis with the coach of what my respondents had to say about me was extremely useful, a real eye-opener.”


“At sanofi-aventis, we launched in 2007 a training programme entitled “Leading IS” specially designed to reinforce the leadership abilities of the current and future leaders of the Information Systems (IS) function.


With Vivacci’s assistance and input, an innovative programme was devised to provide a structured response with a dual focus on the IS function itself and also individual leadership competencies.

In total, over 90 people from 13 different countries took part in this programme.

Thanks to the quality input and sustained commitment of the members of the Vivacci team, particularly high levels of participant satisfaction were recorded.

The operational results of the programme were extremely positive for the IS function: a closer partnership with the user divisions, IS leaders who were extremely motivated to work on their own personal development and an IS community that was much more reactive to change.”

Bruno Ménard CIO – sanofi-aventis