Coaching for C-suite executives

Because I need fruitful moments of sharing, reflection and elaboration, I appreciate coaching times, with very experienced partners.

Leading requires strength of character, integrity and alignment, coaching helps me develop my vision and carry it with commitment to our teams and our ecosystem.

Crises come and go, we must stay the course and lead transitions! Coaching helps us to get through these tiring times and to support our teams as best we can.

The job of C-suite Executives is a job of courage and requirement, a job of high intensity and focus on performance, an essential job to prepare for the future. Your exercise is often solitary, although you are rarely alone!

We offer you a privileged tailor-made and personal space-time with an Executive Coach, former Executive, dedicated to your service:

Decision-making coaching

Make your difficult decisions more comfortable for you

uncompromising support in your decision-making.

Managerial coaching

Benefit from all the wealth of your team

a critical and benevolent analysis of your management style to explore new paths.

Career coaching

Draw your career prospects

an effective protocol and an objective look at the choices available to you.

Executive course

Leaders are expected to listen and understand the emerging world in order to build sustainable and responsible growth. Lighting up the future with an inspiring and relevant vision, imagining and deploying innovation, building alliances and cross-functional cooperation, developing the agility of your organizations, embodying responsible leadership with authenticity, mobilizing and engaging all employees: these are all challenges that have to be faced, expressed, achieved on a daily basis.

Source: Vivacci survey of 50 major French international groups.

Each coaching is tailor-made.
Examples of work paths

Becoming a successful management team

align, capitalize on each other's qualities, learn to really listen and integrate contributions

Succeeding in your new position or change of scope

get on board quickly, position yourself strategically, and make the first decisions.

Developing leadership and managerial skills

embody a vision, make decisions in a situation, mobilize people and engage teams over the long term

Managing a crisis situation

maintain the ability to stand back, manage individual and collective energy, know how to recover, manage collective stress.

Improving interactions within the executive system

adjust behaviors, communicate better, make dwaily life easier.