Individual coaching

Because I pedal with my nose to the handlebars, I need to look up to see further.

Because I am taking on a new role, I want external support to secure this learning process.

Because I decided to develop myself and improve some of my behaviors.

Individual coaching is a vector of sustainable performance
More than 95% of people are satisfied
SF Coach study
Individual coaching helps to speed up and secure new positions
Cac 40 HR Director
We have calculated our average return on investment at 6 months

Individual coaching is an exceptional way for the recipient to gain perspective and develop professionally. Coaching appointments allow the leader or manager to meet a ‘sparring partner’, a ‘stimulator’ of reflection, providing them, in a confidential space, with a moment of pause, questioning and putting their thoughts, actions and behaviors into perspective, focusing on specific issues, as close as possible to their reality. 

Through its ultra-personalized approach, individual coaching acts as a performance booster for individuals, their teams and the organizations in which they cooperate.

Our professional individual coaching offers

Onboarding coaching

the coaching is focused on the perception of what is essential to succeed in this position: FOCUS, the priorities to be engaged in the short, medium and long term: ACTION, the creation of links with the environment: RELATIONSHIPS

Tailor-made individual coaching

test new ways of doing things by developing a new way of looking at your professional environment, by looking for new options, by acting responsibly.

Transitional coaching

assisting with career paths and helping executives and managers to reposition themselves.

Career coaching

become an "entrepreneur of your future career"

Coaching in emergency situations

identify issues and risks, rapidly deploy new practices, maintain and develop motivation.

Coaching in crisis situations

to better manage these difficult situations, to take a step back together and put things into perspective, to open up new options, to know how to mobilize help.

Flash Coaching or Short Coaching

over a short period of time, offer the necessary support to respond effectively and concretely to specific issues.

Hybrid coaching

have a face-to-face and online coach, to vary the procedures, keep the pace in hectic schedules and train in leadership and "presence"

Fully remote coaching

work with a different coach based elsewhere, on the other side of the world; meet a coaching need for an employee located far from your bases.

Some examples of innovations in Individual Coaching

Individual coaching with relays between coaches: several coaches at the service of a manager

Individual coaching by a complementary pair of coaches

Relationship coaching, the person is coached following a 360° to integrate the results and adjust their behavior and perceptions of their professional environment

Coaching in situ, during high-stakes meetings, face-to-face and remotely

Individual coaching by SMS, email, messaging during negotiations or crisis management

Artistic coaching; coaching in nature; voice coaching ...