Vivacci m’a fait confiance, m’a développé, et a accompagné ma croissance.

Une combinaison unique : des coachs d’excellent niveau, une véritable équipe, un cadre apprenant.

Vivacci : une vraie réponse aux besoins des coachs, à ce métier d’indépendants.

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Established since 2004, VIVACCI is a reference company in the field of coaching in terms of Professionalism and Innovation, Service Quality and Ethics. Expert firm, leader in coaching executives, future leaders and senior executives, which is the main part of our activity. Recognized for our innovations in the development of collective intelligence, we combine the search for performance, positive dynamics and vital energy to achieve transformations. We carry out around 200 coaching programs each year, mainly with high potentials, executives, senior executives and managers. The first place of learning is in the collective practice on our missions. Coaches entering our community find support and stimulation, consolidation, learning and opportunity to evolve according to their aspirations.

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