Mentoring has been around for centuries – what if I organized Mentoring?

How can I set up an effective and stimulating mentoring system?

How can I train Mentors and Mentees?


Very few managers and executives are practicing mentoring and many are reluctant to start mentoring. Large companies are rapidly developing this approach; more and more of you are interested in it; many non-governmental organizations and associations are using it systematically as a very relevant way to train, support development and support active members.

What is Mentoring?

A process whereby one person (mentor) actively encourages the development of another person (mentee) outside the normal management relationship for the benefit of both individuals and the organization.


When should Mentoring be set up?

To disseminate a corporate culture

To rapidly leverage talent

To support a merger/acquisition

To implement a change: strategy, organization, management model

To develop a specific population: managers, experts, specialists, country managers...

What are the benefits of Mentoring?

For the mentee:
For the mentor:
For the organization

Vivacci supports you at all stages of the design, deployment, implementation
and monitoring of your mentoring process:

Qualification of the objectives and structuring elements of the mentoring system and drafting of the HR arguments for decision-makers

Design of the right mentoring system for your organization

Communication to all actors involved in the process

Definition of mentor selection criteria and management of the selection process

Choice of the the best mentor for each mentee and mentee information

Mentor training and supervision over time

Evaluation of the system and qualification of the results obtained

HRDs are our best ambassadors

With the help of Vivacci, we have mobilized our leaders to serve our Talents. Everyone really appreciated the very concrete system, adapted to our culture, led by very experienced Mentoring coaches.
HR, banking sector
Our mentors made themselves readily available to their Mentees and they learned a lot! We enjoyed the pilot so much that we will be launching several promotions in parallel in a few months.
HR, armaments sector