Vivacci’s solution

  • In the same way as a sports coach, observation of the coachee’s performance in order to question, remobilize, provide feedback and focus concentration.
  • Analysis by the coach of the gap between the manager’s self-image and that of those with whom (s)he interacts.
  • Live coaching
Means implemented:

Live coaching, in three stages:

Preparation before the meeting.

Attentive observation during the meeting (noting down key words & expressions, precise behavioural traits).

Debriefing after the meeting: the coachee assesses his/her performance, the coach provides additional observations where necessary.

Key outcomes:

  • Awareness of certain examples of inefficient behaviour and discovery of relational frailties.
  • Managers are challenged with regard to their current practice. They leave their comfort zone and enter an environment in which they feel at ease, secure and supported.
  • Managers’ motivation is given a boost by the discovery of hitherto unexploited resources.