Vivacci’s solution:

  • A community cannot be established by decree – you have to demonstrate the benefits for EVERYONE of forming a collective. Intranet-type tools are a start, but not sufficient.
  • Organization of HR conventions to demonstrate the possibilities of a community.
  • Encourage cross-functional creation, not just “top-down”
Means implemented

The seminar must make it possible to create together so as to make the different participants aware of their combined worth.

It is therefore important to use highly participative methods, i.e. that get people involved as much possible, e.g.:

Open Space Technology
  • Performance of studies and surveys prior to the seminar so as to mobilize the participants and to make them feel more committed.
  • Given that current trends focus on the use of collaborative tools, the participants learn to optimize their use of these tools in order to increase their individual performance as well as that of the community.
Finally, in raising the issue of community, we must also talk about initiatives and about leadership.
  • Develop business skills at the same time as developing leadership
  • One-to-One coaching

Key outcomes

  • Key connections developed throughout the community thanks to the creative interaction during the seminar.
  • A strong, lively, proactive community.