Vivacci’s solution:
  • Inviting the key people in each subsidiary to engage in a direct exchange with the company’s senior executives.
  • Setting up and driving the creation of an inter-subsidiary learning community.
  • Enabling people to acquire and develop the competencies required for deploying the new business model.
  • Empowering each and everyone to express and deploy their innovative ideas
Means implemented:

The management teams of each subsidiary were invited to Paris for three workshops and a series of group coaching sessions. This was followed by interactive work sessions, group coaching and one-to-one telephone coaching.

Parallel to this, the participants carried out a cross-functional project in sub-groups of 6-8 participants.

A mentoring process was also set up to support these cross-functional initiatives.

Key outcomes

  • The new business model was rapidly taken on board and implemented.
  • A cross-functional community of key managers was rapidly established.
  • The participants developed new skills and behaviour: an open-minded, curious attitude to innovation, a sense of engagement and agility.