Vivacci’s solution:

  • Thinking about the company’s strategic stakes and their consequences on efficient management styles.
  • Rethinking the management training policy: help managers to face up to imminent change while at the same time reinforcing the company’s founding pillars so as to create pointers for all members of the organization.
  • Interaction between the different local and international sites in order to create a rich forum of exchange.
Means implemented

Groups of 30 – 50 managers from different European companies convened for a 3-day seminar.

In a group coaching format they reviewed their management practice and assessed its suitability for the company’s current situations, forced to make a number of cuts in view of the financial crisis.

The coaches provided input as and when required on fundamental management skills and led brainstorming on ways of re-examining the company’s key foundations.

Finally, a large-scale exchange between managers and the executive committee was set up in order to enable the latter to address the formers’ fears and concerns in relation to the new strategic stakes.

Key outcomes

  • Feeling more involved, the managers participated fully in the change process.
  • Renewed faith in the executive committee – the managers felt reassured about the ExCom’s ability to lead the company through this difficult period.
  • Creation of a real community, in which the managers can interact with one another.
  • For the executive committee, a chance to get to know the company’s key personnel via an open and “offbeat” interaction process.