Vivacci’s solution:

Thought given to the critical competencies required by a senior executive with regard to the strategy; a step beyond conventional management skills training

Collecting these competencies together in an innovative way, in the form of a behavioural tool kit, proving that there is no single solution.

Set up a management seminar on the company’s strategic stakes, fostering interaction between the different levels of the organization.

Means implemented:

200 senior executives from all over the world convened for a 3-day seminar.

They examined a series of real-life cases and were supported by consultants during group coaching sessions.

The participants met with the CEO and the HR Director, who explained the reasons behind the critical competencies selected.

Finally, the seminar ended with a meeting between the CEO and sub-groups of 30 managers, enabling them to put any unanswered questions to him.

Key outcomes:

  • Understanding of the company’s strategic stakes (thanks in particular to the Q&A session with the CEO)
  • Fast and sustainable integration of new competencies: anticipation of change, development of greater autonomy, empowerment
  • Creation of a community of managers having shared the same experience during the 3-day seminar