Vivacci’s solution:

  • Re-establish open, transparent dialogue between the executive team and a wider circle of top managers.
  • Outline the logic by focusing on the questions and concerns expressed by the more operational managers, providing them with the means that they require to lead change through training that is in line with their operational needs.
  • Create a real forum of exchange between the executive committee and the management teams
Means implemented

The 100 top managers identified attended a seminar dealing with managing complex situations, understanding strategic stakes and developing leadership in this specific context.

They exchanged practices based on their experience of this situation. The goal was to organize open, trusting and transparent exchanges between the company leaders and these top managers so as to avoid any sense of injunction.

Finally, those managers who so desired, could benefit from one-to-one coaching so as to personalize their approach to managing this change.

Key outcomes:

  • Change implemented more smoothly because it was better perceived and thus received
  • As a counterweight of the executive team, the managers are closer to the grass roots and can act as a relay
  • Increased legitimacy of these managers who are now seen by the CEO as real resources on whom he can rely.