Taking up a new post provides a fantastic opportunity for learning; as consultants we see such phases of transition as opportunities for rapid development.

By providing coaching and support to managers taking up a new post, they will achieve a sense of security more rapidly and reduce the time needed to feel comfortable in their new role.

This service creates value for managers, their teams and their organization as a whole, since they are made aware of the impact on the system of their arrival and of their first decisions as they benefit from a time of reflection and exchange with a coach, with whom they enjoy relational parity.

Our input begins prior to the incumbent’s arrival:
  • preparatory work with the manager in question
  • interviews with the key people in order to draw up a status report and to help them in preparing to welcome their new leader
  • work with the management team and the board on drawing up a change and deployment strategy

In the case of a new post abroad, two coaches are assigned: one close to the head office and therefore the culture of the parent company and the second in geographical and cultural proximity to the new post. We also provide coaching to groups of leaders taking up new positions.