Organizational coaching

Because current transitions require multiform, adjusted and coherent support…

We are moving from change to transformation and, from crisis to crisis, we must build new benchmarks together

Because our consultants help us on the substance, we want to work in coaching on the form, the links, the relationships…

According to Vivacci, organizational coaching is the simultaneous and coordinated support of all employees, within an organization and vis-à-vis its interfaces. We help you to achieve performance requirements, appreciate changes and experience transformations, which are sources of learning.

Organizational coaching is a support methodology for complex situations particularly well suited to transformations that modify strategy, organization, processes, human relations, tools, practices and physical workplaces. 

These methods integrate human issues to enable an empowering and learning transition for individuals, teams and their work environment.

The art of organizational coaching is to allocate support resources wisely, in a clear and contractual manner with the stakeholders, to empower them and engage them in a non-manipulative and therefore sustainable way.

Organizational coaching combines various methods, adapted to each context:

Some examples of organizational coaching conducted by Vivacci:

Supporting the transformation project of an industrial department

Reviewing operating and governance methods in a collaborative manner

Giving meaning to the action of an HR function, by driving a transformation based on the redefinition of objectives and processes and the implementation of an innovative policy

Boosting the deployment of IT systems: cohesion seminar for the IT management team, implementation of individual and team coaching

Reviewing with stakeholders the Career Management of leaders and Talent at the level of the central organization and in the regions

Accompanying the organizational changes brought about by hybrid management

Implementing organizational adjustments during and after the COVID pandemic

Strengthening the collaborative operation within the executive committee, to carry a common vision and co-build an innovative service offer with the subsidiaries

Supporting the management committee and the teams of directors in the context of a complex project under pressure, to manage the constraints and meet the deadlines

Deploying the change in a coordinated manner with the managerial line; designing the methods, transmitting the facilitation methods and coordinating the collective dynamics.