360° feedback

Our approach to 360° feedback: personalized and pre-prepared

With Vivacci, 360° feedback is not an impromptu report reading session. Our coaches work on the report in advance, going through it with a fine-tooth comb so as to get right to the heart of the person that they are going to be meeting. The participant is also required to set aside 45′ in order to familiarize him/herself with the contents of the report so as to make the exchanges with the coach more meaningful.

The interview takes place in a quiet, protected, confidential location either at their workplace or on Vivacci’s premises. If it is not possible to meet face-to-face, a debriefing over the telephone is also highly effective.

Our 360° assignments can range from a single person to hundreds of managers and executives in a single year. We can also carry out a 360° process for a specific team or professional community.

We are able to create a tailor-made 360° feedback process in just a few days, totally adapted to your population and to your intentions.

360° degree debriefing by Vivacci coaches goes beyond simple observation – it enables each person to be much more aware of themselves and their interaction with others:

1. Recognizing one’s talents:

This is one of the key benefits of 360° appraisal and yet it is often overlooked: it is crucial to be aware of one’s strengths so as to be able to use them for the good of your organization and share them with your team and your peers.

2. Identifying risks and bringing them under control:

Detect your weaknesses and choose areas that you need to work on. The notion of the “perfect manager” is an inaccessible myth; however, you can establish a realistic development plan for yourself, equipping yourself with the means to attain your objectives.

3. Communicating with others:

Committing to your development plan with your manager, asking for support and sharing experience with your peers, soliciting the support of the HR division, thanking your respondents and informing them of your post-360° intentions…

Client references

Vivacci has performed many large-scale 360° missions, managing the whole process from A to Z. The web-based operations are handled by our partner Qualintra.