Lumina Spark

Knowing others is wisdom; knowing yourself is true enlightenment Lao Tseu

A tool for self awareness

Each person is unique and adopts his or her own style of communication with others. No two people have the same needs, expectations or behaviour.

Each Lumina Spark portrait provides a unique picture of a person’s specific behavioural traits.

Lumina Spark offers a personalized analysis with a view to optimizing communication, management, leadership and team consolidation.




A tool for developing leadership, especially in times of stress

A Lumina Spark portrait provides a dynamic vision of the subject’s 3 “personas”. Indeed, each one of us have several ways of behaving and, beyond our fundamental and innate nature (the Underlying self) will display other characteristics in our day-to-day activities (the Everyday self) and when under stress (the Overextended self). Analysis of these 3 personas makes it possible to work on the qualities and behaviour to develop.

Method & procedure
  • Online questionnaire – 20′.
  • A report is generated and sent to the Vivacci coach, who in turn sends it to the person in question.
  • This confidential report is studied by both parties prior to a 3-hour meeting so as to ensure that their exchanges are as rich as possible.