Experts seminars

Why might you be interested?

  • Difficulties in recruiting and retaining high-level experts.
  • A certain demographic deficiency resulting from a fall in interest in scientific and engineering professions.
  • A more international scope to expert recruitment.
  • In-company career development programs that more often than not involve the performance of a management function.

A dual challenge for today’s Human Resource specialists:

To succeed in recruiting people who are high-level experts in their field,
To propose development programs that take into account:
  • The organization’s needs and employees’ aspirations.
  • The key stakes associated with being an expert.
  • How to maintain expertise at the highest possible level.
  • How to share and transmit this expertise.
  • How to communicate with “non-experts”.
  • Mobilizing expertise for efficient decision-making
  • Knowing how to combine technical expertise with leadership in order to mobilize talents and energies.
Leadership competencies that need to be deployed in response to these challenges:
  • Detecting and nurturing the experts of tomorrow.
  • Coming out of one’s “expert comfort zone” and entering into the “non-expert’s frame of reference”.
  • Identifying and promoting information that may be of use to decision-makers.
  • Developing a genuine capacity of influence.
  • Shifting the central focus of one’s legitimacy from technical competence towards leadership.
  • Knowing how to analyze the organization and develop one’s network.
The most common concerns expressed by this population
  • How can I make myself understood by people who are unfamiliar with my field of expertise?
  • How can I get non-expert managers and executives to make technically valid decisions?
  • How can we get different fields of expertise to co-exist on complex projects?
  • How can I enjoy a successful career in the organization without a mandatory passage through the “management” phase?
  • How can I remain technically competent in my field once I have taken on management responsibilities?
Suggested solutions:
  • A specific development program.
  • Coaching for a team of experts.
  • Group coaching.
  • Practice supervision: the CARRIED® process.