Leadership seminars

Leadership development programs focusing on performance enhancement objectives and the partnership between the leader function and the company’s different Businesses.


Group coaching

The excellent scores and feedback that we have received for our leadership seminars provide a clear endorsement of the pertinence of this concept.

HR leadership:

The HR Division is central to the successful deployment of the Professional strategy.

By reinforcing its leadership capability, HR plays an essential role in ensuring success by adapting the company’s human capital to its needs.

R&D leadership:

The R&D function, a strong creator of added-value for the company, has much to gain from developing its capacity of influence and the quality of its communication about its innovations and projects. The performance of the R&D division is undoubtedly enhanced by a greater ability to promote its projects and achievements within the organization.

IT leadership:

In today’s world, the IT function has become a Business Partner, helping to create ever more added value for the different Businesses. The directors and managers of this strategic division are both stimulated and challenged by being at the heart of this process of value creation for the company.

Leadership for women:

Many companies have made a conscious decision to increase the number of women in executive and management positions; we provide key individual or collective support to such women, helping them to assume their leadership status, consolidate their authority and decision-making capability, develop their self-confidence and assertiveness and ensuring that they adopt an ecological approach in the rapidly evolving world of management.

Methods & procedures


2 – 5 day seminars
One-to-One coaching sessions.

Target audience

Executives, High-Flyers and Managers.

Examples of missions performed by Vivacci
  • 120 Managers from the IT division of a major Pharmaceutical group.
  • 20 Managers from the HR division of a major Energy group.
  • 40 Managers from the R&D division of a major Industrial group.