Manager of Managers (MoM) seminars

The role of an MoM in your organization

The key linchpin between the executive team and the operational teams, the manager of managers plays a vital, but complex role, exerting and influencing action on several different levels:
  • Development of the strategic vision.
  • Anticipation, followed by pertinent and agile deployment of the operational changes required in order to maintain performance levels in an ever more complex context.
  • Management of a department and of a team of managers.
  • Furthermore, the relational and influence capacities, the political sensibilities, networking, etc. all require a new “distribution” of one’s activities and the acquisition of new aptitudes for communicating with other managers, cross functional departments and external stakeholders.
  • Delivery of an MoM program requires the choice of specially selected, trained facilitators.
  • One important prerequisite for effective delivery: facilitators who are seen as senior and credible by participants.
  • Key credibility criteria: management experience in a major group and familiarity with the professional universe in question.


Our programs are designed specifically with this population in mind and revolve around the following themes:


The key elements of an MoM training program:

Innovative approaches proposed by Vivacci:M2M-anglais

  • Performance Audit: after a few months/years in a job, people tend to lose their keen beginner’s eye and it can be beneficial to regularly perform a full audit of one’s BU/department.
  • Feedback 360°: comparing one’s image of oneself with that of one’s entourage opens the door to a form of awareness that can “boost” the manager’s development process.
  • Lumina Spark: a new psychometric tool that provides a personalized analysis in order to optimize communication, management, leadership and team consolidation.
  • Strategic intent memo: a means of clarifying the collective efforts expected by an MoM in line with the company’s strategic vision.
  • Peer co-coaching between seminars: in pairs, the participants challenge one another about their strategic intent memo.

Modules ranging from a half-day to 3 days

 Target audience

Managers of Managers

In groups of 10 maximum so as to foster the exchange of good practices and the sharing of a common vision.

Examples of missions performed by Vivacci
  • Design and delivery of two 2-day modules for the MoMs of a leading French audiovisual company.
  • Design and delivery of two 2-day modules for the MoMs of a group specialized in electronics and office equipment.