Innovate seminars

Q: How can we quickly generate a spirit of innovation, around a new business model, within our worldwide subsidiaries?

Vivacci’s answer:
  • Inviting the key people in each subsidiary to engage in a direct exchange with the company’s senior executives.
  • Setting up and driving the creation of an inter-subsidiary learning community.
  • Enabling people to acquire and develop the competencies required for deploying the new business model.
  • Empowering each and everyone to express and deploy their innovative ideas

Means implemented

The management teams of each subsidiary were invited to Paris for three workshops and a series of group coaching sessions. This was followed by interactive work sessions, group coaching and one-to-one telephone coaching.

Parallel to this, the participants carried out a cross-functional project in sub-groups of 6-8 participants. A mentoring process was also set up to support these cross-functional initiatives.

Key outcomes
  • The new business model was rapidly taken on board and implemented.
  • A cross-functional community of key managers was rapidly established.
  • The participants developed new skills and behaviour: an open-minded, curious attitude to innovation, a sense of engagement and agility.

Let’s be innovative…

All too often, innovation is merely seen as a question of getting new products onto the market. But the key issue that people should really consider is the degree of “business innovation” that is produced.

“Business Innovation”: a comprehensive view of innovation and creativity

The concept of “Business Innovation” comes down to one simple equation: the success of innovation should be measured by the added value that it brings to the customer.

The first step is therefore to work on people’s mindset, because a spirit of innovation cannot be spread throughout the organization without the support of its members.

The organization must therefore create conditions that are conducive to initiative and innovation. The key challenge is therefore to devise leadership programs that provide development opportunities for innovative leaders.

How can you spread a spirit of creativity and innovation throughout your company?
  • Remove the obstacles to the setting up of a “total innovation” system.
  • Soften inter-departmental divisions that tend to prevent any forms of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Vivacci can help you here by providing project team coaching aimed at encouraging exchange.
  • Move away from centralized deployment towards local deployment – in this way you will bring to light the best local responses to market needs.
  • Vivacci is once again equipped to help you by carrying out a localized and centralized analysis of your company, drawing up a specific, tailor-made program and then providing coaching and support.

Modules ranging from 2 to 4 days

Target audience

Managers and executives

Examples of missions performed by Vivacci

Design, development & delivery since 2005 of a program aimed at local and international managers and executives working for a major French group. 60 participants each year.