One-to-One coaching

One-to-One coaching provides those who benefit from it with an exceptional opportunity for taking a detached view of their situation and a means of stimulating their professional development. It offers an ideal opening for improving individual performance via an enrichment of one’s strategic vision, professional capacities, skills and behaviour.

Coaching is however not just an opportunity for personal development; the objective is also to work on strategic and operational performance, focusing attention on the real issues that people face on a day-to-day basis.

One-to-One coaching is a comprehensive solution providing a source of support, recognition, loyalty and motivation.

Effective coaching is of course based to a large extent on empathy and trust. The onus for Vivacci is not however on comfort, continuity and facilitation, grounded in certitudes and formulaic plans.

The key aim of coaching is to stimulate a conscious but non-manipulative transformation of the company leader or manager who benefits from our input.

Our methods & tools:

Listening, reformulation, refocusing:

In this context, the coach helps the person to explore a situation or to formulate a problem. By reformulating what he/she has understood, the coach provides a model for further thought and discussion. By refocusing, the coach enables the coachee to view the situation from a different perspective.


The coach’s role here is that of an outside observer looking in, providing an objective analysis of the situation. For example, the coach could accompany the coachee in a number of different work situations in order to observe the latter’s performance and then provide feedback on the behaviour observed.

Concept & methodology input:

In response to the questions asked and the problems identified, the coach provides answers and solutions via appropriate concepts and methods.

  • Flash coaching sessions of less than 60′
  • Brief coaching modules of 2 – 8 hours
  • Traditional coaching modules of 20 hours spread over a 6 – 12 month period
  • We offer a promise of flexibility – our team will adapt itself to your needs

One-to-One coaching sessions generally take place on Vivacci’s premises in central Paris – extensive office space with three designated coaching rooms.

Coaching sessions can also be conducted by telephone or video-link.

Target audience:

Company directors, senior executives, high flyers, managers of managers, managers, project leaders


Our team has provided thousands of hours of coaching to our target audience.

Typical situations generating the need for one-to-one coaching:

Executive issues
  • How can I develop powerful and effective relations with my board, my administrators, my peers and our shareholders?
  • What can I do to breathe new life into the organization that I am taking over and ensure that the dynamics that I create are sustainable?
  • How can I effectively deal with challenges that are becoming ever more complex and inspire every single member of my organization to action?
  • How can I ensure that I perform my role in an exemplary manner and develop my reputation, my image and my impact?
  • How can I manage my position as an involved and committed leader while at the same developing a healthy life balance?
High Flyer issues
  • How can I get a better awareness and understanding of my bosses’ expectations of me?
  • How does one work efficiently and effectively in a matrix organization?
  • How can I assert my manager status when my direct reports are older and more experienced than me?
  • How can I take what makes me different (gender, origin, style, personality, …) and turn it into a real advantage, a source of value creation?
  • How can I develop my leadership and feel more comfortable with all different types of people and personalities?
Manager issues
  • How can I bring my influence to bear on key decisions by getting my voice heard, and also that of my team members?
  • How can I work more effectively with other managers and their teams? How can I improve the way I handle conflict and disagreements?
  • How can I develop my leadership committee and instil a sense of mutual trust and confidence in one another?
  • How can I develop my team’s individual and collective talents and become a mentor to them?
  • How can I effectively manage pressure coming from all sides and keep a calm head?
Ethical constraints

In order to uphold total respect for the organizations and the people with whom we work, Vivacci provides a commitment to direct an individual towards another profession in the event that we consider that coaching is not an appropriate solution for their situation:

Psycho-Social risks
  • Moral harassment, sexual harassment.
  • “Last chance” coaching prior to a pre-planned redundancy.
  • Depression
  • Therapeutic needs

Please read carefully our Code of Ethics: click on the link