HR seminars

“HR Business Partner”

Develop the role played by the HR function in deploying the strategy.

The leadership competencies to develop depend to a large extent on the challenges that the HR function wishes to address:
  • Developing an active collaboration with the business teams
  • Supporting managers in attaining their objectives
  • Identifying and promoting information that will be of use to decision-makers
  • Helping managers to manage their own resources more effectively and to become real “HR Partners”
  • Ensuring the consolidation and development of the company’s people
  • Detecting and developing managers and high potentials but also the other key forces within the company: new recruits, talent groups, essential mainstays, senior staff
  • Maintaining balanced relations between the organization and its employees
  • Monitoring developments elsewhere and anticipating the need for change
  • Keeping a watchful eye on changes in the business world so as to be able to adapt HR strategies and means accordingly
  • Contributing to the development of the organization.