Team Coaching

Developing collective performance

The aim of team coaching is to enable a team to raise its collective performance levels; this is achieved primarily through an in-depth analysis of the team’s processes and operating procedures.

Team coaching provides the opportunity to work on:

  • Changing the management culture of the executive team, the business unit and the company as a whole,
  • Examining the dynamics of change from a number of different angles: clarification, appropriation, engagement and sustainable management of energy, capitalization,
  • Harnessing the talents of each and every person to benefit the group,
  • Developing each individual and the group through high quality feedback presented by the coach and then transferred to the group,
  • The relation between the team and its environment; especially its understanding of the system in which it finds itself, its cross functionality and its involvement in higher levels of complexity.

The coach also helps the team and its leader to understand the strategic challenges of each stakeholder by deploying effective actions to develop the team’s integration and interaction and to increase visibility and recognition from the outside environment.

The team and its leader are accompanied on specific issues such as change projects, objectives and ambitious challenges.

Team coaching takes place over several work sessions, generally taking the form of team meetings focusing on real projects.


One year

Target audience

All teams