Good Practice sharing

The stakes are high for companies and their key leaders. Leader isolation is not an empty expression devoid of meaning; it is a reality, and unfortunately opportunities for constructive confrontation are so often lacking in a hierarchical organization.

An alternative approach to executive development

Training, in the strictest sense of the word, is very often not sufficient, and in many cases it is not really suitable for the higher levels of management.

Most senior managers and executives are in a state of constant learning from the professional situations that they encounter each day (exercise of their responsibilities, relational interaction with people of all levels, exposure to risks, to conflicts etc.).

The opportunity to step back and take an objective, more detached view in order to find and adopt new approaches is generally reserved for the very smallest part of their activities.

To prevent their focus on their actions and reactions under pressure leading them into dead-end situations or to a state of lassitude, it is essential that development processes be systematically implemented, in the form of periodic exchanges with their superiors, with HR representatives and with their teams.

The development of the practice of feedback with all levels of professional contacts can be facilitated by the setting up of a 360° appraisal process or by the acquisition of experience from group seminars.

Personalized coaching can also be proposed at key stages of a manager’s or leader’s career path: taking up a new job, taking on new responsibilities, management of a restructuring program, expatriation, etc…