Team coaching

All champion teams have coaches…to go above and beyond!

To benefit from the insight and assistance of a specialist in team dynamics, and to succeed in experiencing our work moments together in a calm, efficient and stimulating way.

More than ever, in this hybrid world, we need to strengthen our ties.

Team coaching allows to move to a higher level of collaboration and performance through a process facilitated by a third party, allowing a better knowledge of the other members of the team, in-depth work on the operating rules, a review of the collective operating methods, new cooperation practices within and at the interfaces of the team, mobilization of the commitment from different angles: clarification, appropriation, management of energies, learning.

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Team coaching is useful for:

Changing management culture

moving from intention to new practices

Accompanying the arrival of a new leader

accompanying the leader, the disruptions in the team and ensuring the success of the new team quickly

Engaging in a dynamic of change

mobilizing the teams, developing and deploying a vision, identifying and organizing learning, developing dialog

Sharing good practices

putting everyone's talents to work for the group, sharing common issues, solving problems together.

Developing a feedback culture

enriching each individual and the group through quality feedback, modeled by the coach and then transferred to the group

Better connecting the team with its environment

to allow for a better understanding of the system in which it operates, to engage a cross-cutting operation, to gain ease in the complexity

Developing collective performance

reviewing strategic intentions, focusing on the essential, clarifying objectives, identifying blocking points and risks, mobilizing energies

Resolving conflicts, tensions, PSR situations

listening to people, groups and leaders, identifying triggers and stress factors, regulating

Seeking cohesion within the team

working on team identity, culture, interpersonal links, functional interfaces, shared management tools

Developing creativity and innovation

discovering new concepts, identifying new avenues of research, inventing new offers..

The team and its leader are supported around change projects, new objectives, ambitious challenges, in a logic of effective team consolidation.

Vivacci's team coaches helped us to better understand our strategic challenges, to deploy action plans, to successfully integrate new members, to better regulate our interactions, to increase the visibility of the Executive Committee, and to gain recognition from our teams
CEO, Industry
The team coaches and the Lumina tool have highlighted our individual and collective qualities, helped us to modify our functioning in situ; their benevolent and demanding feedbacks have brought lasting changes
HRD, Luxury sector

Our group coaching programs

Each coaching program is tailor-made: contact us for a personalized response

Our clients are our best ambassadors

Recent coaching of a team to consolidate the collective energy

An intense moment for our team and for me, which optimized the human dynamics already well underway. The Team Building brought us together, over a day, in person, and generated conviviality between us. We came away boosted! Thank you
Marketing Director, Service

Coaching our teams to deploy our strategic axes

We needed external help to optimize these key moments... You enabled us to get all the company's players on board with our strategic project, starting with the management committee, followed by the managerial line, our HR managers and our project referents
Deputy CEO, High Tech Sector

Coaching our teams of experts to better innovate

Experts are essential for our future; they don't often have the chance to work on their collaborative work styles, to learn about management issues ... your courses for our CIOs and R&D researchers were really appreciated, I'd even go as far as to say they loved it! Because every moment of the course was directly useful to them and also because your coaches-speakers knew their business environments
R&D Director, Pharmaceutical Group

Group Coaching to transform our management culture

Vivacci has built and deployed dozens of innovative leadership development courses focusing on individual development objectives, directly linked to culture change
Human Resources, Cosmetics Group