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Take a look at our consultant partner recruitment criteria :

  • A successful management career in major French and international firms
  • High-level intercultural experience
  • Fluency in at least two or three languages
  • A coaching certificate from a well-known French or International school
  • Additional training, beyond coaching: Transactional Analysis, NLP, Gestalt, Holistic Analysis, Team Management System and Process Communication Management
  • A commitment to ongoing learning: at least 20 days a year in training
  • At least 5 years’ experience in coaching as a consultant-coach
  • The ability to provide one-to-one or group coaching to equal professional standards
  • The ability to lead a change management project and work in a team
  • Good relational skills for dealing with clients: ability to provide consulting, support and coaching for the organization
  • Proof of a sound personal therapy (past and present)
  • Regular supervision (preferably on a monthly basis), on an individual or collective basis
  • Compliance with coaching code of ethics and practice as laid down and monitored by the French Coaching Society (SF Coach) and the International Coach Federation
  • Recognized emotional and relational intelligence


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