Our founder



Having worked as an international manager in several major manufacturing and FMCG groups over a period of 12 years, Florence has acquired experience in several different professional fields:  research & development engineer, international project manager, in-house consultant, director at a relatively young age of an international subsidiary with a workforce comprising 26 different nationalities.

These early professional experiences enabled her to measure the effectiveness of what she considered as being key factors in leveraging success in the business world:
  • the bond between innovation and marketing.
  • quality and excellence of products and services.
  • attentiveness and adaptation to clients’ needs and demands.
  • sustained mobilization of staff, rich in their diversity.
  • provision of flexible and educational solutions.

Fortified by this rich variety of experience and with a strong desire to travel and learn, Florence joined a European organizational consulting firm, where, working closely with a range of different clients at the beginning of the new millennium, she developed high level expertise in change management and then coaching.

In 2004, during discussions with her clients, Florence expressed her conviction that the success of major organizations would depend on their ability to develop an exemplary leadership team, on all five continents. They urged her to set up her own consulting and coaching firm, specialized on this subject that was so close to her heart. And so the first seeds of the firm that she named Vivacci were sown…