Our vision and beliefs

Our vision of work, of corporations and of large public organizations is a positive one.

While of course acknowledging the limiting constraints and the power games that occur within a company, we place great value on work as a creator of social links, a source of personal recognition and a place for constant learning.

We actively uphold a responsibility to our clients, a core component of the vitality of our society, of the economic balance, and we are attentive to the work-life balance of all members of our team.

Our coaching style is founded on establishing parity with the beneficiaries of our input and indeed with all representatives of the organizations with which we work. It is founded on a sense of ontological security that is drawn from our experience, our education & training, our personal therapeutic work and our coaching supervision.

Thanks to the diversity of the coaching methods and tools that we employ, we place great value on the diversity of the profiles, career paths, educational backgrounds and professional experience of our team members; we also place a strong emphasis on the combined value of our consultants’ and coaches’ individual and collective experience.

Our desire

To fulfil our goal of Organic Entrepreneurship, founded on mutual trust and close collaboration, to achieve the sustained collective success of our firm, our consultants & coaches, our clients and their employees.

Our team

A team of international consultants and coaches full of vitality: a highly-motivated, select team of people who are renowned for their expertise and their taste for innovation.

Our passion

Paving the way for the future – providing key support to the leadership communities of tomorrow, preparing high potential people to deal with new challenges, harnessing the talents of each and every member of a company’s workforce.

Our satisfaction

Helping HR teams to make a major contribution to ensuring the lasting nationwide and worldwide success of their organization.