Who are we?

Founded in 2004 by Florence Gazeau, who at the time was working as Development Director for a major multinational consulting group, Vivacci was born from a very straightforward observation:

The business world has gone global. Change is everywhere. How can we invent a new model for our profession of consulting?

Her idea was as follows:

To create a lively, organic and dynamic structure by building a team offering a wealth of diversity, experience, innovation and expertise in order to propose an alternative approach to coaching, training and consulting to organizations facing the challenge of change.

With this goal in mind, Florence assembled a team of varied profiles, people with whom she had rubbed shoulders during her career and other budding talents from other continents.

Vivacci was born.

The next step consisted of selecting consultants and coaches to match a specific project and the specific values of each company.

The Vivacci team very rapidly earned the respect and recognition of company leaders, who saw fit to assign a series of top-level assignments.

Vivacci has progressively established a reputation for a clear willingness to adopt a caring, humanistic attitude to coaching.




Vivacci in 2012 – facts & figures

  • 50 clients
  • 20 HR professional get-togethers with 500 attendees
  • 1000 company leaders and managers benefitting from Vivacci’s coaching input
  • 100 one-to-one executive coaching programs
  • Approximately 2000 hours of one-to-one interviews
  • 500 days of seminars
  • A team of 5 project coordinators and project assistants
  • A worldwide team of 70 consultants and coaches
  • 200 missions supervised
  • 20 days of training/supervision/practice sharing for our coaches and consultants

Together with our clients, we seek to create value for society in general, for companies, their employees and their customers & clients.

Because we are ourselves entrepreneurs, we see the company as a place in which to acquire life balance, to create links, a source of professional and personal development, closely entwined, a place in which energy is stimulated and individual talents are developed.

Our excellence in coaching is a result of this alliance and these experiences that we have shared with our clients.

Our credibility comes directly from our knowledge of the realities of top-level leadership and management.

Our consultants and coaches all uphold a positive vision of shared corporate success.

Notre crédibilité vient de notre connaissance de la réalité de l’exercice du métier du dirigeant.

Nos consultants et coachs portent une vision positive de la réussite en entreprise.