Let’s take care of ourselves so we can take care of others…

In HR, we take care of others and tend to forget ourselves …

Each year, you enable us to collaborate, elaborate and share best practices.

Every year, we carry out a benchmark study on the leadership and challenges of large public and private organizations. On this occasion, we invite our clients and partners to exchange with us.

Thank you! Very interesting, topics well focused on current issues
HRD in the industrial sector
Interesting because it's far from what I'm used to, it allows me to see something else.
HRD of an electronics company
Very interesting format. Allows you to step back and reflect on whatever subject is discussed.
Career manager in the banking sector
The topics are really in line with the times and at the heart of the questions of the HR and Communications departments that I meet. The presentations and presenters are of high quality, the premises are wonderful, the welcome very warm. And each time, we leave with contacts, ideas, inspirations... In short, it's perfect.
Communication Manager, IT group
Thank you for this opportunity to take a step back.
Head of talent programs in the Telecom sector
Very interesting experience.
Managerial development manager of a large public service organizatio
Coaching perspectives and prospects
Hybrid work, hybrid management, hybrid coaching
HRD, take care of yourself
HR/HRD & Coach: How to be a successful HR/coach or internal coach HR/HRD: How to manage the pressure and adjust your energies HR/HRD: How to support remote and hybrid teams HR/HRD: How to meet the development needs of leaders in 2022
How to help our teams go the distance
What HR support in 2021? How to innovate and prepare our HR in 2021
How to lead 2020 COVID-19
Choosing the right Coaching provider: an essential element to satisfy the beneficiaries
HRD Supervision and Team Coaching
Coaching Culture in the Public Sphere
Human dynamics in the legal profession
Measuring the benefits of Coaching
Coaching Culture
2015 - 2016
Leading Tomorrow, the point of view of Leaders on the evolution of leadership
The HR function: new challenges, new postures, new desires
Experts: a breeding ground for innovation
Development methods for leaders and talent pools in large organizations
What feedback and self-knowledge tools for leaders and talent pools? Emerging innovations
What leadership skills do you plan to develop for the future?
Coaching around the world: trends and innovative practices
HRD in times of crisis, how to adapt as a Business Partner