Vivacci: an expert team in individual, team and organizational Coaching, serving companies and public organizations since 2004.
Certified, accredited and aligned coaches to support you in your developments, your growth, your changes.
Our HR clients and internal coaches appreciate our positive energy, our professionalism and our innovations.

Company founded on the principles of a learning community, internally and externally, our Logo illustrates our common project:

Vivacci means Life – Viva – Community of International Coaches.

Vivacci is a company specializing in supporting individual and collective change and the development of managers and leaders.

Since 2004, after a career in industry and in transformation consulting, Florence Gazeau shared the conviction that the success of large organizations depends on their ability to develop excellent management teams, on all five continents. Her clients invited her to create a consulting firm specializing in this area. She chosed to name it VIVACCI.

Since its creation, Vivacci has brought together coaches with varied talents and rich personalities to offer you varied and innovative systems based on the principles of Coaching: learning in situations, around reality, a discontinuous and empowering process, training and simulation, stimulation and support for individuals.

Our credibility comes from our practice of leadership. Through our cooperations, we look forward to creating value for society, for our clients, for their employees and for their stakeholders.

As entrepreneurs, we see work as a space intertwined with achievement, enrichment, openness and social connection, personal and professional development; a place where collective intelligence is stimulated and where talents are deployed.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Vivacci, a naturally committed company

What is your business model?

Our project consists of bringing together under the same brand, in the same partnership, high-quality professional coaches gathered within the “Vivacci” structure to serve VIVACCI’s major client organizations.

We have co-constructed a win/win partnership contract with the coaches of the Vivacci Community, which we update every 5 years. This contract allows everyone to be remunerated for their various contributions to the firm and to maintain a lasting relationship of cooperation.

We want to remain “independent” because we consider that our independence as coaches is an essential guarantee for our clients.

Our best indicators are the loyalty of our clients and the average seniority of our coaches at Vivacci: more than ten years. Many people ask us each year to join us, we take the time to get to know each other through a collective co-optation protocol.

And our social commitment?

“Since my initial training as an industrial chemist, the issue of environmental impact and safety has been important to me on a daily basis. As an EFQM consultant in the 1990s, I had integrated the key concepts of stakeholders and corporate eco-systems into my consulting assignments. In the early 2000s, I became fascinated with Peter Senge’s learning enterprise and the methods of coaching, a source of learning and human development. Our profession of Coach is anchored on the one hand in the human sciences: a profession of conversation based on the emotions and feelings of the human beings that we are, on the other hand in surpassing oneself: the tools of coaching also come from the training of athletes and mentalization; and finally, an anchoring in the purpose of companies and the organizations: serving sustainable economic performance and the public interest. In my opinion, coaching is a tool for the sustainable well-being of our human societies at work”  

Florence Gazeau, founder and director of Vivacci. 

Our humanistic vision of coaching is rooted in the development of individuals, teams and organizations. We attach great importance to the ethics of our profession.

Our coaches belong and contribute to our professional associations

Notre empreinte sur la planète ?

Nous réduisons chaque année notre impact carbone

  • Réduction directe de notre empreinte carbone :
  • Réduction indirecte de notre empreinte carbone 

Notre engagement auprès de nos collaborateurs ?

Notre engagement sociétal ?

En tant que société de coaching crée en 2004, dans une phase d’émergence de cette approche, nous avons transféré de manière très ouverte, généreuse et gratuite, de nombreux concepts, apports et études à la communauté des RH d’entreprises françaises et ainsi contribué au développement de cette activité. Ainsi, au-delà de notre propre activité, nous contribuons au développement du métier des coachs externes, des coachs internes et des superviseurs. 

De nombreux coachs Vivacci réalisent pro bono des missions de coaching et de Mentoring. 

Chez Vivacci, nous avons choisi d’accompagner chaque année des associations qui nous parlent et auxquelles nous apportons une aide modeste dans la durée, avec des tarifs préférentiels et des actions pro bono.

Nous vous en dirons plus bientôt, … nous préparons nos prochaines étapes RSE …