Management Seminars

We want to work better in hybrid …

Our moments of encounter are rare and we must make them decisive moments

We need external help, to optimize these key moments…

Strategic and/or organizational repositioning

Driving significant changes

thinking about the dynamics of change, project steering and management, organization, communication modes, the roles of each person...

Strengthening the sense of belonging after a merger or reorganization

seek the commitment of all to a common project for the company or entity.

Reflecting on new strategic directions

make decisions collectively.

Considering cultural change

and anticipating strong internal tensions.

Operational reflections to be conducted as a team in a fast and intensive way

Share best practices; compare; learn from other companies

Build and deploy a program, a project, a reorganization

Launch and intensify a business development, company, brand ...

Develop creativity and innovation: look for new concepts, new research avenues, new offers for your customers

Roll out an offer to new markets, new territories ...

Team building and development

Support the arrival of a new leader at the head of the team

Balance the team following the renewal of a large part of the team

Build a diverse team, integrating different cultures and natural dispositions

Seek strong cohesion within the team: work on team identity, culture, interpersonal links, functional interfaces, shared management tools

Develop the level of autonomy and maturity of the team, avoiding cloning

Resolve tensions, conflicts ... Reduce sources of inefficiency, irritation ...