On my own, I go around in circles with my problem. When I ask others…options open up…but I’m not used to asking.

When we come together to work in co-development, our topics and those of others overlap and intersect, we learn together.

Co-development is a method that has been recognized since the end of the 90s. Today, it’s trendy, but what is it?

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The co-development group brings together professionals who wish to develop their practices with the aim of improving their professional skills

Co-development is conceived as a vector for deploying the strategy. Indeed, it allows a community, a team, a group to co-coach each other in order to achieve its results. Participants encourage each other towards excellence by seeking to open up the field of possibilities in action.

This device opens a regulation space, which allows a group and its members take a step back from their relationships, their practices in a secure environment. By understanding the systemic dimensions of their functioning, it aims to ensure a better personal and collective balance in the company.

Our approach to co-development is based on the principles of Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette. In 2005, enriched by our practice as coaches and HR consultants, we developed specific Vivacci protocols for thematic co-development, co-development within established teams, and co-development between leaders.


The systemic benefits of co-development

For participants:

For the system and organization: