Emotional Intelligence and Collective Intelligence

Knowing yourself better is essential for better interaction and fulfillment at work.

Understanding and adjusting your own emotions, perceiving those of others, allows you to better anticipate reactions, to better collaborate.

Increasing self-awareness reveals hidden talents and allows for better stress management.

We offer innovative self-knowledge tools

Everyone is unique and has their own style of communicating with others. No two people have the same needs, expectations or behaviors as each other. 

Lumina Spark offers a tailor-made analysis to optimize communication, management, leadership and team building. This tool reveals your qualities, describes your personality, and paints a unique picture of your specific behavioral traits.

The Lumina Spark portrait offers you a dynamic vision. Indeed, each one of us has several ways of behaving and, beyond our fundamental nature, we reveal other personalities in our daily life or when we are under pressure. Coaching work based on your portrait allows you to work on your qualities and on the behaviors to develop.

Leadership development tool, especially in stressful situations

Our coaching programs are based on positive psychology.

Since 2010, we have been trained in positive psychology methods, including the Appreciative Inquiry. This method, developed by American university professors, starts with a questioning among colleagues; by rediscovering the positive, what works well within the framework of the mission, the objectives of the company, the team or the individuals. This “core of success” serves as an energizing and inspiring fulcrum for the development of new projects. Unlike other methods based on a critical diagnosis and negative points of view, which can be perceived as guilt-inducing and demoralizing, AI focuses on energy, the lifeblood of the organization, by inviting us to look for what works, what is positive, what generates energy and allows us to explore the field of possibilities. The objective of AI coaching will therefore be above all to identify the success factors of the individual, team, department, company or institution concerned. From this rediscovery, by integrating quantitative and qualitative elements (e.g. client satisfaction), solid and positive changes are envisaged in a concrete way. This participatory and constructivist method supports the sustainable development of organizations and teams. 

HRDs are our best ambassadors

Numerous studies show that emotional intelligence helps develop performance and quality of life at work.
HRD, Luxury sector
Your Lumina tools have allowed us to implement practical actions to improve communication, teamwork and leadership.
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