Debriefing 360° Feedback

When others evaluate me like this, respectfully, I become aware of what’s not right, I better identify expectations and adjust to progress…

It’s an invaluable moment to take a good look at yourself and your relationship with others.

The interview was very rich: a genuine coaching, with specific input from the coach, and not just a report. All in all, I was able to identify some interesting incentives and avenues for improvement.

Vivacci has developed a specific coaching process, VISIBLE©,
to allow each recipient of a collection of perceptions to:

take a step back from their position, its stakes, its challenges

connect respondents' perceptions to reality

put feedback and job challenges into perspective

find new options

select development paths

engage and mobilize

act for performance

The benefits of the 360° approach

For the participant:

For respondents:

For the organization:

Our HRD clients are our best ambassadors:

Your post 360° Coaching interviews have really accelerated the leadership development of our managers and talents.
HRD, Public Organization
We appreciated the quick delivery of a tailor-made questionnaire and the efficient management of the system; we really learned from listening to the ecosystem and we got moving.
HRD, energy sector
The Verbatim analysis with your coaches was perceived as very rich and useful. The consolidated development plans have been very valuable to us.
HRD, consumer goods sector