Expert in coaching, we support individuals and groups within large organizations

International coordination team

«The confidence generated by the availability of a high-quality coordination team»

To ensure the control of the missions that you entrust to us, Vivacci sets up:

Specific supervision

Evaluations of each mission

Respect for confidentiality and the ethical rules of the Coaching profession

Regular reporting

Adjustments over time to best meet your needs

Framing, assessment at the beginning and end of the mission

For each mission, you are in close contact with a Project Coordinator and a Coach in charge.

anne lebacq

Like a Conductor, as Office Manager, I take care of both clients and coaches to ensure the success of our missions. People say that I’m efficient, calm and a balancing factor.

farah Raach

Cheerful, dynamic and attentive to your needs, in charge of the development of our client community. Specialist in digital animations.


In connection with the project coordination, I connect your purchase orders to our quotes and issue your invoices and follow them up.


I coordinate all the missions (individual, team coaching, organizational coaching) from the issue of the quote which guarantees our agreement, the receipt of orders to the follow-up of the performance of the service


With my sense of customer service, I bring a stimulating energy, an agile dynamic to respond to your requests


With my sense of customer service, I bring a stimulating energy, an agile dynamic

Rebecca & Paul

We are at the service of Vivacci International and its clients to welcome you in your coaching offices


HRD and coach, I support the process of co-opting new coaches and monitoring internal actions in the Vivacci community

We guarantee the expertise of our coaches:

Coaching training and certification awarded by a leading school in our field; GDPR-level long cycles

VIVACCI coaches are trained in the human aspects of change, personality types, co-development, mentoring...

Specialization in specific fields and appetite for innovation

Desire to share and transmit in our coaching community and to our clients

Ongoing training in the techniques, tools and practices of coaching in its various forms

Alignment of Personal Values, Coaching Intention, Societal Commitment

Supervision in coaching, individually or in groups.

Membership of a professional coaching association: SF Coach, EMCC, ICF

Team of expert coaches

« A community of passionate professionals, highly experienced in all coaching specialties,
at your service to support you »

HEC Business School graduate, based in Lausanne and Paris, executive in the automotive and energy industries, Coach of sharp intelligences in France and abroad


Essec & Columbia graduate, Franco-Brazilian, International HR Manager, multilingual coach for executives and management / executive committees

Lorella Moro

Based in Milan, coaching expert who coaches management teams to achieve success in their strategies


In Dubai, Casablanca and Paris, 40 years of experience as an international banker, serving as coach for executives and high potentials


Development consulting, Leadership, influence and relationship agility coach, focused on emotional intelligence 

Gaëlle Pellerin

Leader in international contexts, coaching in questioning techniques to gain power

Juliette O'Reilly

Coach for managers and teams, focused on reconciling individual development and collective efficiency for a sustainable performance

Pierre Dutot

HRD in the high-tech and industrial sectors, mediator and coach to initiate or restore positive relationships at work

Tony Russell

British, based in Montpellier, international HRD and coach for strategic transitions and team redesign

Danielle Deffontaines

Paris Telecom engineer, leader of complex projects, international coach passionate about human diversity in the workplace and within teams

Hervé le Brun

EM Lyon graduate, coaches executives and management teams for the development of an ethical and sustainable leadership

Colombe Thielin

A trained psychologist, international HRD and internal coach, focused on the development of talents, potentials and career paths

Jean Cristophe Thibaud

Based in Toulouse, coach focused on recognizing the power of emotions for professional development


ESCP Business School and Paris Sorbonne graduate. Specialize in Organization and People Development, as well as in triggering and managing change through the human lever.

Claire Mauzé

Telecom engineer, complex international projects, learning-designer and coach for teams and organizations undergoing transformation

Fanny Arnaud

International leader and coach to strengthen leadership and cooperation, for the performance of managers and teams


ESSEC graduate, Franco-Indian, International HRD, coaches senior executives and their teams on organizational transformations, leadership, cross-cultural communication, emotional intelligence and on working life transitions (health, expatriation, career change..).


Tiphaine Scott de Martinville

Former lawyer, source of inspiration and impetus, Tiphaine coaches the dynamics of reorganizations towards new perspectives

Amélie Demode-Bellescize

HEC Business School graduate, business development and start-up manager, coaches the construction of successful and rewarding dynamics

Lionel Bikart

Based in Tokyo, manager and financier, multilingual executive coach in Asia and remotely, on leadership in a multicultural environment


Psychologist, expert in PSR prevention, coaches on managerial quality. Ability to intervene with the required sensitivity in moments of tension

Elise Drouet

Accompanies the behavioral changes necessary for cooperation in complex contexts – hybrid work, agility, intrapreneurship, digitalization, learning company, etc. 

Véronique Desabres

X, HRD, Executive and team coach to allow a step back, develop confidence, and deploy collective intelligence in a positive atmosphere


HRD in Industry and Media, Coach based in Occitanie and Paris, specialized in employee onboarding and career paths

Tim Laporte

International leader based in Australia, consultant and coach focusing on the concrete challenges of large organizations undergoing transformation

Martine Compagnon

Facilitator in collective intelligence, expert for your seminars, narrative coach and corporate poet

Katelijne Simonis

Based in Brussels, coaches international executives in transition and women leaders

Christine Salmon-Legagneur

Sciences Po Paris graduate, Psychologist, HR Expert and Coach to improve your managerial posture and enhance your talents.

Christina Beaufils

China business School graduate, insurance executive in Shanghai, coach on diversity, intercultural and team building issues


International consultant, based in Australia, coaches the quality of conversations and emotional intelligence within leadership teams


Sales executive then coach in Asia, Japan and Hong-Kong, coaches management teams towards greater meaning and creativity 

Danielle Mizrahi

CELSA graduate, coach and trainer in management, expert in transactional analysis. Former executive in France and in England.

JF Cousin

Based in Bangkok, executive and team coach, former top executive in the materials industry

Gianni Dcomo

French-Italian-Canadian, expert coach in pedagogy focused on the quality of the managerial relationship

Sophie Clerc

Economist, HR for the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, coaches managers to achieve results by mobilizing their teams

Alain Willem

Based in South Africa, coaches leaders to become more successful and… happier


Coaches transformations, based in Lyon, accompanies individuals and teams on the human dimension of change.

Claire Hugot

Supervisor, coach experienced in internal coaching, Accompany leaders and their teams at their own pace to develop leadership and efficiency

Leader in the world of industry and the environment. Fabienne is at the service of performance, focused on the power of emotions to increase individual and collective well-being

Executive in the Hi-Tech world, based in Paris and Toulon, accompanies leaders and managers by helping them reveal their potential


ESCP Business School graduate, Franco-German, marketing expert, coaches individuals and teams in competitive and multicultural environments 

Paul Caillaud

International HRD in industry, based in Bordeaux and Paris, supports and coaches the deployment of business and HR strategies

Robert Saiah

Based in Geneva, coaches leaders and their teams in complex international change environments


Expert in learning engineering, talent development, experience mentoring


MBA New York University, based in Paris. 30 years of international experience, coaching leaders and their team to manage change within complex and multicultural environments.

Coach for professional transitions aiming at performance and well-being in a context of business transformation accelerated by digital opportunities.
Franco Mexican, Executive Coach, Training Director, passionate about transforming leadership and culture through coaching.

Graduated from EDHEC business school. As professional in the development of relational dynamics, she provides systemic support for individual and collective transformations.

florence Gazeau

Founding partner, engineer, expert in Executive Team Coaching and in Coaching executive reach the highest positions

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